Clairmont’s Windsor Coffee shop is THE place to go if you want to find out what its like to live like a local in this special Royal town.  Clairmont’s has a vibrant friendly atmosphere, the staff and owner are always so welcoming.

This Windsor Coffee shop has inside and outside seating, enabling its customers to choose.  It is pet friendly and almost every time one of our team pops in we are greeted by other customers friendly side kicks.

Who is Clairmont’s Windsor Coffee Shop recommended for?

We would recommend that Clairmont’s Windsor coffee shop is suitable for couples, small families and business professionals.  We would describe the cafe as quaint, but this does come with some restrictions and so we would suggest that groups of more than 5 or 6 persons may struggle to sit on one table.

Clairmont’s is an independant coffee shop which in our opinion serves wonderful coffee.  The menu offers its customers a great selection of homemade cakes, paninis, pastries and other bakes.

Situated opposite Windsor Guildhall, Clairmont’s Windsor coffee shop is in an ideal location to walk the Long Mile or as a quick breakfast or lunch stop before seeing the other sites Windsor has to offer.

Bookings are not necessary at this coffee shop, it is a strict first come, first serve for the tables.  However customers will often be able to get a table.

Clairmont’s Address: 5 High Street, Windsor SL4 1LD

Here is a link to the Coffee shops facebook page:

Telephone number: +44 1753 621082

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Clairmont's Windsor coffee shop painting of owner.

Friendly painting of owner of Clairmont’s Windsor

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