Honest Burger Windsor is a new addition to the high street restaurants opposite the Castle.

We know this company has a lot of restaurants in other locations, however as always we want to test it out ourselves to see what it is like.

This restaurant has a wonderful internal decor, its not the largest of restaurants however this shouldnt be seen as a negative as it still gives a wonderful buzzy vibe.

Also one of the benefits for slightly larger groups (ours was 11) is that theiris additional seating upstairs, this makes it great as you have a private dining area for yourself, overlooking Windsor Castle.

The Food @ Honest Burger Windsor.

As you would imagine Honest Burger has a whole variety of different burgers on their menu from Chicken to Beef to Chilli and inbetween.  They also have a range of Vegan and Vegetarian burgers, all of which are super tasty.

The price is really reasonable too and you get a good portion for your money.

What we would say is the burgers are not your standard fast food or pub burgers (in our opinion) they are really well made, super juicy and just delicious.

We were all a little jelous of one of our group when their side order of onion rings came out, they are a fantastic side, seasoned really well and very crispy!


Crispy Onion Rings from Honest Burger Windsor

The onion rings from Honest Burger Windsor are seasoned really well and super crispy too.

Often there are specials as well which can be found at the restaurant.  When we visited they had The Windsor Burger which sounded very appropriate for the area.  See the special board for the burger below.

The Windsor Burger from Honest Burger

The Windsor Burger Special. Very tasty.

See the Windsor Burger special below.  It has to be one of the nicest burgers we have tried in a while.  The filling was nice and juicy, yet the onions and bun had a really nice crunch to it, something we really look forward to in a burger.

The chips (fries to our American guests) were also really crispy and seasoned really well with rosemary salt, of which we havent come accross before.

The Windsor Burger from Honest Burger

The Windsor Burger is a wonderful special addition to the menu. Our team loved it, well done Honest Burger Windsor.

There was one small negative that we felt could have made our experience a little better and that was the lack of a dessert menu.

However having said this, because of the wonderful location it actually made it a benefit because the bill was paid and we then wondered up the hill to do a nice long walk around the castle before heading back to our cars and home.

Honest Burger Windsor are open for both Lunch and Dinner, we are not certain but we think they have a lunchtime deal as well which would make it a great place to grab a bite whilst exploring Windsor.

All in all it was a fantastic restaurant for our group to visit.  We sat facing Windsor Castle which was really special and the service and food was lovely, the whole experience was just lovely, thank you Honest Burger Windsor.

How to reserve and contact Honest Burger Windsor

Website: https://www.honestburgers.co.uk/locations/windsor/

Phone: 01753 980185

Address: 18 Thames St Windsor SL4 1PL

Typical opening hours:

Mon-Wed – 11:30 – 21:00
Thu-Sun – 11:30 – 22:00
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